My Story

I Am Sean - Professional Aerial Drone Photographer, FilmMaker & Creative Director - with full CAA approval for operating drones on a commercial basis.

I’ve been operating as a freelance videographer and photographer for the past 10 years. I specialise in aerial landscape fine art photography, aerial drone videography, and also ground based cinematography...
I'm also a digital artist as well. Sometimes I will use compositing in my images, as well as enhancements. My aim is to create beautiful art to evoke emotions, using my photos as the foundations. I do not publish photos straight from a camera lens. It takes me many, many hours to create these images. This is not “cheating” any more than someone creating a smooth surreal look to a waterfall by using a long exposure setting on their camera. The end result is still something that is surreal and not seen by the naked eye. Almost all photos that you will see online today have gone through some kind of editing process afterwards. Very few post images straight from their camera lens, like they used to during the days of 35mm film. As such, most images are CREATED, not taken.

I qualified as a competent drone pilot through the largest CAA approved training provider in the UK, and subsequently was issued with Permission For Commercial Operation from the CAA in 2016.

I've also been flying RC planes and helicopters for 10 years now, so am certainly not an amateur on that level. I consider myself a very responsible pilot, abiding by the CAA guidelines at all times, and will never put anybody or anything at risk.

NOTICE: You may not reproduce or re-publish any of my work without my strict permission. This does not include sharing my posts from this page across onto your own FB page or group, which I of course would be very grateful for, You are NOT allowed to copy the photos or videos into new posts of your own however - either here on FB or elsewhere. All reproduction of my images or videos without my consent is copyright theft.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my work!