Heysham Shoreline - Poster Print

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Heysham Shoreline

Description: No word of a lie - this has been the most complex image I've created in my entire career within photography - spanning over 10 years now! So many elements had to come together perfectly in order to end up with the finished result... the day had to be perfect so that the tide was in, whilst the sun was in the right position, and the clouds also needed to be just right. I waited 3 months, with many wasted attempts to get this one shot with the perfect conditions.

The added bonus was that we'd gone into winter and the winds were quit strong - creating lovely white crashing waves down below. After all that, I then spent at least six hours processing the image in order to make sure I could squeeze every pixel of gorgeousness out of this image that I'd waited so long to capture! The resolution on this image is over 40 megapixels - you can make out extremely small details from far away when viewed on a large format print!

As such, I've now ended up with perhaps my proudest piece of work - so I'm hoping you'll enjoy it just as much! 

Print Media: High quality, ready to frame or display as is satin poster print. Printed with advanced eco and scratch-resistant inks for a lasting finish onto premium 250gsm satin-matte (low-glare behind glass) poster paper. Please select your print size from the drop down menu.

Available Sizes: A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0. (Canvas mockup shown for size comparison)

Material: 250gsm satin poster paper.

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