iLLUMiNATED - Collectors Edition Prints

I am extremely delighted to announce the launch of my new Collectors Edition Prints - as part of my new "iLLUMiNATED" series. What better way to start or add to your I Am Sean collection than one of these vibrant signature pieces. 

In this series of prints, I will be exploring the world around us from above at night. I've been truly captivated by how towns & cities look from above once the lights come on - it's truly memorising. You can literally see the roads and buildings "come alive" with energy & electricity. Thanks to the modern advancement of LED lighting - in a wide variety of colours, the cities and towns from above are now beginning to appear like pure works of art. It's my pleasure to share with you my journey around the UK during this iLLUMiNATED series. Stay tuned to my website and Facebook page for new images being released each week.